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replica handbags

2022.05.30 18:27:46

This is the first time I've seen this Chloé handbag test bag on my back when I'm shopping, and I think the original wide shoulder strap would go well with it! When I got home and brushed my teeth, it was not a bad street because many bloggers had different back colors. Last week I finally decided to weed the Farfetch. I've seen a lot of bloggers with dark caramel (tan) on their back, but in the end I opted for the light caramel (bleached brown). I think this color is more lively and lively. I've been receiving a lot of low-saturation products lately.

CHLOE Tess yellow mini clutch in Italian calfskin with flap design, classic Chloé jean loop, adjustable wide shoulder strap + top handle. It's definitely a bright spot. There are several ways. It can be viewed sideways or carried well, the shoulder straps are adjustable, the wide shoulder straps provide better support than a chain and are very comfortable to carry. Capacity: You can actually store things. I went to Shanghai two days ago and took them with me. Yes, there are separate card slots inside and outside. It is used to insert an identification card such as a high-speed rail ticket. The most commendable phone is lying down, plenty of space!

Very versatile. The advantage of bright colors is that you do not know which season the bag belongs to, and the opportunity will come again. I wore the coat and played in Shanghai for two days. You must wear a replica purses. Wearing white T-jeans at night, you can go out, so you can see the truth.

This season, the Chloe bag shows a strong bohemian style, and the material and color exude a retro atmosphere. The round button 'Faye' is the top priority. Chloe Faye adopts an angled design compared to Xiao Zubao's The combination of geometric shapes rectangle and trapezoid not only attracts young girls with personality, but also often evokes the fashion nostalgia of young fashionistas. The storage function is first-class, and the photogenic index explodes. Chloe Fei of various colors and materials radiates different brilliance and temperament. It's so charming that it's no surprise that the goddess has a hand!


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